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Beder Center of Islamic Studies


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Blessed Days and Times in Islam (III)


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Prayer and the Blessed Three Months In Islam (III)

Panelists: Omer ÇALIŞ; Bujar SPAHIU; Dorian DEMETJA

Topic: BEDER Center of Islamic Studies organized a panel to welcome coming blessed times in the Islamic calendar. The panel has been titled mainly with “The Blessed Times”. The specific title peculiar to this panel was “Prayer and The Blessed Three Months in Islam”. There were three panelists who are:Omer ÇALIŞ: The director of Madrasa of Tirana “Haxhi Mahmud Dashi”. His topic was about “The concept of Prayer (Dua) in Islam”.Bujar SPAHIU: The Deputy Head of Muslim Community of Albania. His topic was about “Three Blessed Months”.Dorian DEMETJA: Director of Human Resources. His topic was about” The Blessed Days and Nights in the three Blessed Months”.The panel attracted the attention of students from different departments.This panel has become a warm welcome of BEDER family for the coming blessed times.