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Beder Center of Islamic Studies


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Patriotism in Islam


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Panelists: Genti Kruja; Veton Tulla

Moderator: Elton Karaj

Topic: Within the anniversary of the independence of Albania, Center of Islamic Studies at the University "Hëna e Plotë" - Bedër organized the panel "Patriotism in Islam.

Attending the panel was also the Director of Culture in the Muslim Community of Albania, Genti Kruja, who spoke on the contribution of Muslim leaders in the national cause.

He said that throughout history Albania has been an example of how people of faith have been able to correctly solve the trust relationship with the nation.

"Hundreds of Muslim scholars have given their irreplaceable contribution to the history of our country, the great movements for freedom and independence, education and aspirations in the construction of national identity, the preservation of universal values and heritage of the great Islamic cultural harmony and coexistence of Albanians ", said Mr. Kruja.

While Veton Tulla theologian, professor at the Faculty of Islamic Sciences at the University Bedër, said that human connection with his homeland and the country is a matter of deep rooted in the soul.

"Love for one's country is planted in the souls instinct, which makes quiet man when standing on it and tearful to the outside and away from him. Homeland is birthplace, is the place of life, place of worship, place of wealth and goods, place of pride; there lives, there worships Allah, and with His blessing lives ", stressed. Mr. Tulla.