Training Programme for Imams (II)


Islam and Communications in Public (II) 

Speakers:Zarfi Rizal (Quran Recitation); 3- Dean of Humanities Faculty Prof. Dr. Ayhan Tekineş “İmportance of Unity and Solidarity in İslam"; Ramadan Çipuri “The Art of Communication in Public";Muhammed Mutevelli, “Qualities of Da'iyah (caller to İslam) and İslamic methods of Da'wah (invitation)” ; Erlis Cela “Presentation on İntroduction to University"; Elton Karaj Presentation on İntroduction to the Department of İslamic Sciences"

Guest speakers: Deputy head of Albanian Muslim Community Bujar Spahiu.

Participants: Muftis and Imams fromKavaja and Elbasan